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Unlock the value of your data to generate more business
Most organizations are sitting on a goldmine of information, from customer purchase histories, to product profitability data. Those who can use data to their advantage will win.

But it is often challenging to get access to all of your data—let alone to analyze it and generate business insights. Now your employees can use familiar tools like Microsoft Excel to access, view, and analyze business information, and to generate insights that will help grow and differentiate your business—without having to learn new skills and software.

With Office 365 and PowerBI for Office 365, you can connect to and combine data from a wide range of sources from within the familiar tool of choice for consuming and manipulating data—Microsoft Excel.

The value that this will provide your organization includes:
  • Data Aggregation: The first step to unlocking data value is getting visibility into all your data. But for most businesses, data is distributed in disparate systems across their organization—for example, sales data residing in a CRM database, while customer purchasing history is located in an accounting application. Now, with Power Query in Excel and Office 365, combined access to data from multiple sources is not only a reality—it’s easy.
  • Data Insights: Now everyone in your organization can visualize and analyze data within the familiarity of Microsoft Office. Your employees can easily create and customize rich, interactive dashboards and reports, giving your business the edge to capitalize on new opportunities before the competition does. Click here to get a copy of the Microsoft Office 365 Data Insights Whitepaper
  • Sharing Insights: Once you’ve gained new insights, you can share them to benefit the entire organization. With Microsoft BI, using tools like Excel and SharePoint, you can incorporate business intelligence into the day-to-day collaborative activities of your employees. They can easily publish dashboards and reports for access and customization by others—and you have the administrative control to limit access to the right people.

Our singular focus and purpose is to help your business be more profitable and more efficient. Contact us today and we'll implement this solution offering in two to three days to help you bring the Power of the Cloud to your organization!

Who we are:
  • One of very few organizations solely focused on business solutions based on Cloud Computing

  • Led by former Senior Directors of Microsoft's Field Sales & Services teams who incubated Microsoft's Online Services business

  • Over 20 years of experience in providing custom business solutions

  • We fully understand that our clients only invest in solutions that drive business value and have a measurable return on investment

  • Testimonials:
    "Stratus Innovations Group performed a Cloud Assessment Service Offering to assist Nationwide Children’s Hospital... The assessment allowed us to validate assumptions and provided a list of items that we should continue to investigate for feasibility" - Brian Shea, CTO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

    "“Given our unique situation, Stratus Innovations Group was able to help us determine the benefits and the shortcomings if we were to decide to move the Cloud. We recently implemented the Windows Azure Virtual Private Network solution from Stratus Innovations Group for SSO for our Office 365 services. The benefits that we obtained by utilizing their solution were worth many times the investment we made in engaging Stratus Innovations Group to help us with this effort.." - Rob Weisbrodt, CIO, United Church Homes