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Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms in Octave


Experimenting With ML in Octave Before moving on to how to use machine learning (ML) to solve classification problems (sometimes also called selection problems), let’s take some time to implement one of the algorithms we reviewed previously. We’ll be using GNU Octave to implement the various algorithms we discuss in this blog. Octave is a…

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Machine Learning Math: Understanding Classification Problems

classification problem

In our previous blog posts, we covered regression problems where we’re trying to predict the value of our target function. In regression problems, our target function is a real-valued function, and we’re trying to compute a real number that estimates its value at given data points. In the next couple of posts, we’ll cover classification problems,…

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How Machine Learning Works: A Mathematical and Visual Analysis

The Purpose of Machine Learning: Approximating a Function Machine learning techniques help software developers build customized solutions that drive significant business value. The fundamental goal of machine learning is to approximate a function that we, as software engineers, don’t know how to implement based on the available data and information. RELATED ARTICLE: How Software Is…

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