Dynamics AX Application Health Manager

Tired of getting urgent late-night calls and text messages about a Dynamics AX batch process that failed? Or your warehouse being unable to process orders? Would a cloud solution that provides early warning of Dynamics AX infrastructure issues and self-repair capabilities interest you?

If so, we have a solution that you can pilot at no cost for 30 days to help you get more control of your work-life balance and make your AX operations more efficient.

Problems With Monitoring and Managing Dynamics AX

From discussions with our Dynamics AX customers, we found that managed services platform tools need to provide higher-level insights to properly monitor and manage mission-critical Dynamics AX environments. We also found that traditional managed services solutions relied heavily on non-scalable human work effort, with individuals being held responsible for identifying and solving technical issues. The inherent problem with this is the cost associated with maintaining a 24/7 manned network operations center to ensure that environment issues receive a quick remedy.

Make Your Dynamics AX Management Scalable and Cost-Effective

Competitive organizations need a solution that provides both a deep level of monitoring and management at the transaction level of a Dynamics AX environment as well as automated "self-healing" within the infrastructure.

To this end, we developed our Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Health Manager. It provides the following functionality and benefits:

  • Real-time transaction and environment performance alerts
  • Alerts that trigger IT Runbooks for automated self-healing
  • Incredibly intuitive executive dashboard via Microsoft Operations Management Suite
  • Can be set up and running in your environment in only 1–2 hours
  • Application monitoring via synthetic transactions for several types of Dynamics AX transactions and Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal (WMDP)

This solution provides significant business benefits by reducing the IT labor required to identify and fix system issues. It also improves revenue and customer satisfaction by ensuring maximum system up-time.

Contact Stratus Innovations Group for Your Free 30-Day Trial!

Our singular focus and purpose is helping your business be more profitable and efficient. Contact us to get a free whitepaper about this solution. We can help you launch a free 30-day trial of this solution, and we’ll help you bring the power of cloud innovations to your organization!

Learn More About Stratus Innovations Group’s Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Health Manager

Video Overview: Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Health Manager

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