Exchange Online Migration Service Offering

Migrating to Exchange Online Has Never Been Smarter

Businesses of every size can now migrate from an on-premises Exchange server to Exchange Online quickly and inexpensively. By migrating to Exchange Online, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Instant integration with collaboration tools like Office 365 Groups
  • Regular firmware updates to ensure that you are always using the most stable, secure version
  • Reduced in-house IT demand
  • Scalable growth at predictable costs

An Exchange Online Migration Can Be Risky and Challenging

For many organizations, managing risk and change requires utilizing a staged process rather than migrating your entire organization at once. This is possible through a hybrid configuration where your on-premises Exchange server sees your Exchange Online environment as another Exchange server database in the overall organization.

Setting up this hybrid configuration involves running various customized Windows PowerShell commands to configure your on-site Exchange environment and your Exchange Online environment. Then, you need to run additional PowerShell commands to perform the migration as well as configure Exchange Online for compliance and other email settings (SPAM rules, mail flow rules, external connectors for secure email delivery, etc.). Finally, you must use PowerShell commands to decommission your on-premises Exchange server once you are fully migrated.

Migrate to Exchange Online Seamlessly With Stratus Innovations Group

Typically, internal IT admin teams and external IT service providers have a person or group of people who create and run these customized PowerShell commands. This increases the time and cost associated with completing a migration.

But Stratus Innovations Group has created a solution: We provide PowerShell templates that complete this process in a near-automated fashion.

Our Exchange Online Migration solution involves the following processes:

  • Running a discovery process to develop an in-depth report of your existing on-premises Exchange environment settings
  • Reviewing what settings need to be moved to Exchange Online with your IT team
  • Configuring the hybrid environment
  • Modifying PowerShell templates to configure Exchange Online for various compliance, hygiene, and mail flow settings

Contact Stratus Innovations Group Today!

Our singular focus and purpose is helping your business be more profitable and efficient. By utilizing this solution, you will reduce the costs, time, and risks associated with migrating to Exchange Online! Contact us to start a discussion about how we can help you bring the power of the cloud to your organization.

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