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Cloud solutions allow businesses to deploy information technology that supports mission-critical processes at a lower price point and with more agility than traditional offerings. At Stratus Innovations Group, we have decades of experience in cloud computing and customizing cloud-based solutions that help businesses increase revenue and decrease expenses.

On this blog, we’ll share our knowledge and experience with you to help you make the best possible business decisions — especially when it comes to information technology. And if you’d like to talk to someone at Stratus Innovations Group about how we can build a custom cloud solution for your organization, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

Custom Software Development

Charged with supporting a $2.5 billion industry, the California Strawberry Commission has numerous constituents (growers, shippers, retailers, etc.) who are all focused on growing the California berry and fruit market while keeping it efficient. As part of this effort, the California Strawberry Commission needs to ensure that all constituents receive up-to-date market data such as pricing and volume movement.

Using the Azure Custom Vision API

Machine learning has infinite potential and we are at the forefront of discovering applications for it. In its infancy, machine learning is already being utilized for things like financial market predictions, medical diagnosis, and retail. It’s a complex topic that even the most experienced technologist might have difficulty navigating. Tasks like training models (the method…

Introduction To Azure Sphere

As part of our ongoing relationship with and experience in the Microsoft IoT Accelerate Tier-1 partner program, we were able to get a firsthand briefing of the recently announced Azure Sphere device for quickly IoT enabling multitudes of devices. One example we have seen is Starbucks adding Azure Sphere devices to their blenders and coffee…

Introduction to Predictive Analytics Anomaly Detection

Many of our manufacturing customers create devices that are comprised of various electronic components. They collect data from the various components as the device operates—for example, the component’s temperature, how much current is passing through the component, whether a given component is emitting and at what frequency, etc. We developed a multi-step process to analyze…

Avoid Unnecessary Downtime With Predictive Maintenance

The average manufacturer wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars on production downtime each year. If you’re looking for ways to increase your facility’s competitive advantage, cutting your maintenance costs and downtime should be part of your overall strategy. Predictive maintenance and pay-per-use machinery may be part of the solution. Keep reading to learn how Stratus…

cloud storage

New Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Company’s Data Storage Strategies

Innovation Spotlight: New Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Company’s Data Storage Strategies The IT world is always evolving and developing, and it can be hard to keep up. If you’ve researched data storage solutions, there’s a good chance you’ve found conflicting advice and an overwhelming number of options. At Stratus Innovations Group, we’re here to help…

pay-per-use equipment

Learn How Manufacturers Can Find New Revenue Sources With Pay-Per-Use Equipment

If your company manufactures machinery, parts, and other B2B products, you’re probably looking for ways to diversify your revenue stream and increase your value proposition. Pay-per-use and equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions offer a new and compelling way for industrial manufacturers to accomplish these goals. Keep reading to learn more about the ways intelligent factory solutions can…

smart manufacturing

The Unique Challenges of Smart Manufacturing (And How to Overcome Them)

Smart manufacturing and the industrial internet of things (IoT) can revolutionize your factory operations. While there are challenges associated with implementing industrial IoT (IIoT), the experts at Stratus Innovations know that the benefits outweigh the risks. Keep reading to learn how we can facilitate your entry into the world of smart manufacturing. The Benefits of…


The Differences Between DRaaS and Disaster Recovery (And How to Know What Your Business Needs)

In a disaster, you might find yourself unable to access your business’ servers and vital data. To minimize this risk, you should implement a disaster recovery (DR) solution. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your DR options. Keep reading to learn how disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) compares to other traditional and cloud-based…

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