We help Corporate Innovators who have great ideas for custom products and solutions, yet are challenged by resource scarcity, to architect, develop and bring these offerings to market faster, helping your company innovate and grow.


Featured Solutions


Connect diverse devices, controllers, and HMIs, even with proprietary software. 

Obtain and transmit end-device telemetry and alert data directly to the cloud. 

Your central, cloud-based IoT hub processes and acts on all of your data. 

Maximize quality and efficiency with deep insights from your fully integrated IoT system. 

RETRO™ Intelligent Factory Solution

Helping equipment manufacturers with add-on service revenue growth, and use the telemetry data that their devices create to build add-on ‘as a service' offerings like Predictive Maintenance and Connected Field Service.

Helping plant operators worried about improving OEE for bottom line profitability improvements.

Helping plant operators who want to identify and fix the areas that are causing the problems in the production line process.

Disaster Recovery as a Service for VMware and Hyper-V

Seamlessly provide remote-site disaster recovery for your IT server infrastructure at a price point dramatically lower than other offerings.


Get comprehensive recovery for VMware, Hyper-V, or physical IT infrastructure. 

Complete failover in 15 minutes or less at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings! 

Protect your data or permanently failover to the cloud for lift-and-shift needs.


Access company resources whenever and wherever you need to. 

Safelysecurely, and scalably extend your network to the cloud. 

Virtual Datacenter Solution Offering

Safely and securely extend your corporate network to Microsoft's cloud services without implementing any new server hardware in your environment.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Us

Our rapid time-to-market and dramatically reduced capital expense that the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure solution provided were a no-doubt business decision.

Robert McIntyre, CFO

Affinity Apparel

We were impressed when we calculated the cost to protect our VMware environment with Azure Site Recovery.

Kevin Miller, IT Director

Bettcher Industries

We developed an overall IT strategy to move as much of our IT to a cloud model, and Office 365 was a core part of that strategy and decision.

Rob Weisbrodt, Vice President of IT Services

United Church Homes

The ability to provide self-service password reset for our remote employees was a huge benefit.

Scott Stitts, IT Director

The Energy Cooperative

The ability to offload our in-house email administration was critical to our current year IT initiatives.

Todd Benenati, IT Director

Hospice of the Western Reserve

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