Global Equipment Health Maintenance

Stratus Innovations solutions introduces RETRO the equipment monitoring system for the manufacturing industry, simplifying plant maintenance

Businesses benefit from RETRO by:

  • A Global Repeatable Solution
  • Customizable and retrofitted to support any size or age of your production equipment
  • Subscription Service after initial implementation

Businesses can use the deep insights generated by RETRO to:

  • Maximize quality, efficiency, and output
  • Predict device issues and perform preventive maintenance during scheduled downtime windows
  • Proactively send parts so when the technician arrives, the most likely parts s/he needs are available
  • Proactively send technicians so they can work within scheduled downtimes windows
  • Proactively manage machine loss and replacement

Data is provided with Context and Real World Recommendations

Contact us to help you retrofit your legacy plant floor operations for OEE improvements!

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