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Every organization that we have worked with that explored leveraging a Hybrid-cloud IT services model started their evaluation process with the same two questions:

  • What is the business case to moving to a Public or Hybrid-cloud IT services model?
  • Once the business case is established, what is the best process to complete this migration from a time, cost and technical risk perspective?

For the first question, our customers all developed their business case around these core themes:

  • They were doing a hardware refresh for their existing datacenter or or offsite datacenter, and the Public/Hybrid-cloud model was significantly more budget friendly up-front
  • Deploying a “defense in depth” strategy to ensure complete security in their on-premises IT infrastructure was incredibly cost-prohibitive
  • Providing IT services at scale and on-demand in the Public/Hybrid-cloud model was unprecedented vs what they could provide in their on-premises IT infrastructure
  • The IT leader was focused on “getting out of the datacenter business” and helping their organization grow by focusing on IT solutions that their customers and partners highly valued

For the second question, our customers are looking for the optimal migration process that addresses these core needs:

  • Be easy and repeatable
  • Have low risk from a technical perspective
  • Very quick implementation with high value
  • Keep their limited IT resources focused on the business

In support of this, we are able to deploy a Hybrid-cloud solution for your organization in less than one week.  Using this, we have helped many organizations with migrating their on-premise, co-location, AWS and Google IT infrastructure environments to the Azure Hybrid Cloud.  Best of all, we provide this migration service to your organization at NO COST via the various Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Partner programs that we have access to.

Leverage this offer to migrate your existing physical and virtual machines, setup a Virtual Data Center, and/or setup cloud-based Disaster Recovery environment to provide significantly more IT flexibility and agility for your organization.

Below is a whitepaper that explains this process in depth.  Let us help you as we have done with many other organizations like yours!

Download our whitepaper and let us know how we can help you!

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