Azure Migration: $28,000 FREE leveraging our Incentives

We accelerate your migration so you save time and money for what really matters—growing and streamlining your business.

Leverage this offer to migrate your VM's, setup a Virtual Data Center, and/or setup cloud Disaster Recovery.

We have helped hundreds of companies with on-prem, co-lo, aws, google environments leverage the Azure Cloud.

Stratus Innovations Group is a top Microsoft CSP reseller, we are an award winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We focus on Microsoft Cloud technologies for U.S. and international companies. Microsoft and its partners recommend us for licensing, outcome-based infrastructure services and we provide deep expertise in outcome-based development.

​Founded by a 20-year Microsoft blue badge executive. Our team is mostly former Microsoft employees. We leverage our relationships with Microsoft product teams and executives to help our customers get the most out of Microsoft Azure and the product teams. With our customers input, we have designed and setup many executive briefings as well as industry solution briefings on Microsoft Campuses and at events around the world.

We have removed the migration cost barriers to allow you to reap the ROI Azure provides, contact us today!

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