Build Great Software With Stratus Innovations Group

Building an MVP for a new product offering?  Have a complex business process that "off-the-shelf" software can't support?  Let us help you build these custom software solutions!

We help startups to enterprise corporations build the solutions you envision that turn your ideas into reality

There are many times that organizations need to develop a custom software solution to support a complex business process or bring an innovative idea to the marketplace.  Leverage our teams extensive background and experience in developing solutions on the Microsoft .NET platform and hyper-scale solutions in Microsoft Azure for your organization.

Our team has a collective 216 years of experience in this area, including people who were in Microsoft product development groups and Microsoft’s Enterprise Consulting Services team (MCS).


  • Experience: We have helped organizations develop hyper-scale & secure solutions around Payments (credit card and payroll processing), Industrial IoT, and enterprise applications (ERP) health monitoring
  • Security: We develop software solutions with industrial security as a core component
  • Scale: We leverage Cloud Services for hyper-scale and efficiency
Contact us today and let us help you build that next great software product for your marketplace!


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