Pulling Your Hair out over Microsoft Cloud Licensing?

Let us simplify your licensing so you can save time and money for what really matters—growing and streamlining your business.

Licensing is not a ‘set it and forget it’ solution. ‘Set it and forget it’ works for Microsoft because licensing is complicated and constantly changing—and customers get confused and overpay. We want to make sure you're getting the most out of your licenses for the lowest cost.

We have helped numerous organizations solve licensing efficiency problems by pinpointing key issues such as:

  • Paying for more than what you currently need. We have found that customers come to us with an average of 10-15% of their Office 365 licenses sitting unassigned, wasting money.
  • Ever-increasing Azure spend. We identify the top applications and corresponding services that have the greatest cost impact, then help you efficiently size your Azure services and make sure they run only when you are using them. We often find unused storage and services that customers are paying for unnecessarily.
  • Difficulty keeping up with constant changes. We provide a monthly report of your current license position and an overview of changes having an impact on your specific current or future costs so you always have the information you need when you need it.

Our team collectively has over 35 years of direct experience in Microsoft licensing from our previous roles in Microsoft’s field account teams, which were responsible for selling Microsoft licensing agreements to Microsoft's corporate and enterprise customers. Let us do the work for you so you can worry less about licensing and focus on business results.

Want more information? Use the button below to download the 10 ways to save when buying Microsoft Licensing Whitepaper

'Just OK' is not OK. If you're not completely satisfied with your current Microsoft Cloud Licensing Provider, contact us today!

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