The Essential Concepts of Differential Calculus

Machine Learning Relies on Differential Calculus for its Core Operations

Machine learning is an interdisciplinary field and you need to understand core concepts of mathematics and computer science to properly implement it. We rely on calculus to identify optimal solutions quickly and efficiently within a machine learning environment.

This blog post will be a brief review of calculus, concentrating on differential calculus. We assume that the reader has seen this material before, and is also familiar with the material reviewed in Stratus Innovation Group’s discussion of linear algebra.

We will omit proofs of the statements we present in this review and leave it to the readers to use their favorite search engine (or their undergraduate calculus textbook if they still have it) to find any proofs they might be interested in seeing.

Stratus Innovations Group: Experts in Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

While many of our clients will struggle with differential calculus, our team of machine learning and cloud computing experts have a strong foundation in mathematics, computer science, and its practical applications. If you’d like to learn how machine learning, the internet of things, and cloud computing could revolutionize your business operations, contact Stratus Innovations Group today.

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