New Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Company’s Data Storage Strategies

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Innovation Spotlight: New Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Company’s Data Storage Strategies

The IT world is always evolving and developing, and it can be hard to keep up. If you’ve researched data storage solutions, there’s a good chance you’ve found conflicting advice and an overwhelming number of options. At Stratus Innovations Group, we’re here to help simplify things and make data storage manageable.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of virtual data storage and identify new trends that we’re monitoring for our clients.

Traditional Data Storage Is Expensive and Requires Intensive Maintenance and Oversight

If you’re still using dedicated servers for your data storage, you probably know about their disadvantages firsthand. An onsite or remote server is expensive to own and operate. Besides the costs associated with the hardware, you’ll need IT support to constantly monitor operations, update software, and assess security. You’ll also need to power, cool, and house your servers, which can add significant infrastructure and utility costs.

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And if something goes wrong, you may face extended downtime, lost data, and the unwanted expense of replacing hardware. For many businesses, these costs and risks outweigh the potential benefits of a physical server.

Improve Your Data’s Security and Accessibility with a Cloud-Based Storage Solution

In the past, businesses sometimes avoided cloud-based data storage solutions due to concerns about security or a desire to maintain control of their data. However, cloud solutions have advanced significantly over the past several years, and today they deserve another look from even the most skeptical businesses.

Hybrid Data Storage Can Give Businesses the Best of Both Worlds: Scalability and Control

You don’t need to store all your data in a public cloud. Many companies opt for a hybrid solution where their most sensitive data stays on a physical server or private cloud while everyday data lives in a public cloud. This lets the company easily access their data and scale their resources while adding layers of security and control where they need it most.

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Modern Virtual Datacenters Offer Robust Security Features

Most modern cloud storage solutions like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and IBM offer levels of encryption that protect data. When used properly and supported by strict data-sharing policies, data encryption can significantly reduce the risk of data loss during a security breach.

If you’re still concerned about security on a public cloud, your business should also consider implementing a virtual datacenter. Stratus Innovation’s Virtual Datacenter Solution Offering lets you safely extend your corporate network into the cloud. The offering builds virtual machines in the cloud that isolate your data from other cloud tenants, adding more layers of security and increasing reliability even further.

Is Blockchain the Future of Data Storage?

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding blockchain and data storage. While you’re probably more familiar with how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies monetize blockchain, one of the field’s most exciting use cases involves decentralized data storage.

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With a virtual datacenter, you store your business’ data in a centralized location. While there is redundancy built into these systems and security has improved, no solution is perfect. To meet the needs of businesses who want a more decentralized and secure data storage solution, some IT companies are starting to use blockchain.

Blockchain-based solutions allow companies to rent out unused server space and let users distribute encrypted data fragments in multiple locations and across multiple servers. To access the data, you need a key, which unlocks the fragmented data. Even if one server becomes compromised, the hacker or bad actor will only get access to a tiny portion of your data.

While some IT analysts suggest that blockchain data storage will cost less than a virtual datacenter, this is speculation. Most of the current blockchain solutions operate like a marketplace; as demand ebbs and flows, prices rise and fall. While some companies can handle the risk associated with fluctuating costs, most will prefer the certainty of mainstream cloud storage solutions.

Blockchain technology is exciting and promising, but we’re not yet ready to fully endorse it for data storage purposes. However, the team at Stratus Innovations Group is always monitoring advances in blockchain technology and exploring ways we can use blockchain-based solutions to improve our clients’ capabilities and reduce their IT costs.

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