RETRO™ Plant Floor Operational Improvements

RETROfit your Existing Plant Floor for Improved Operations & Insights

Introducing RETRO™, our latest solution to quickly collect real-time telemetry data from your existing plant floor devices to optimize your manufacturing process operations. 

Manufacturers can use the deep insights generated by RETRO™ to:

  • Maximize quality, efficiency, and output
  • Predict device issues and perform preventive maintenance during scheduled downtime windows
  • Proactively send parts so when the technician arrives, the most likely parts s/he needs are available
  • Gain deep insights into plant floor device telemetry and overall production line processes
  • Customizable to support any size or age of your plant floor equipment

Manufacturers face major challenges implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. You often have diverse physical devices, controllers, and HMIs across their product lines. You may have proprietary software running on these controllers and edge devices. It’s difficult to obtain and transmit end-device telemetry and alert data to a centralized IoT hub that can process and act on the massive amount of data generated every day.

Additionally, you typically have product line equipment and devices that were originally deployed when the topic of IIoT did not exist, so the ability to natively collect the real-time telemetry from these devices seems impossible without completely modernizing your production line equipment.  Our solution allows a manufacturer to gain the business and financial benefits of an IIoT solution without the massive upfront cost and disruptive change associated with replacing/upgrading this production line equipment.

Give us one day and we'll work with you to build a plan for quickly collecting the existing real-time device telemetry, and leveraging this data to provide deep process insights and real-time anomaly detection/predictive analytics.

Let us help you RETROfit your plant operations!

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Primary Benefits of Stratus Innovations Group’s RETRO™ Solution

Our RETRO solution is the answer. The key piece of this solution is the Stratus Innovations Group IoT Protocol Gateway Adapter™. Organizations can install or compile this collection of software libraries on any platform to quickly and easily connect to a centralized IoT hub that can work with:

  • Devices that support disparate protocols (such as MQTT, AMQP, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Controllers and HMIs of any type
  • Other proprietary edge-type software

Businesses can use the deep insights generated by a fully integrated IoT ecosystem such as this to:

  • Maximize quality, efficiency, and output
  • Predict device issues and perform preventive maintenance
  • Proactively manage machine loss and replacement

Learn More About Stratus Innovations Group’s Intelligent Factory and IIoT Solutions

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