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Cloud solutions allow businesses to deploy information technology that supports mission-critical processes at a lower price point and with more agility than traditional offerings. At Stratus Innovations Group, we have decades of experience in cloud computing and customizing cloud-based solutions that help businesses increase revenue and decrease expenses.

On this blog, we’ll share our knowledge and experience with you to help you make the best possible business decisions — especially when it comes to information technology. And if you’d like to talk to someone at Stratus Innovations Group about how we can build a custom cloud solution for your organization, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

How Software Is Developed Using Machine Learning Algorithms

  An Overview of How Software Works On a basic level, every software system manipulates data. In software development, we create a system where someone or something (the user) provides some data (the input). Software manipulates that input and translates it into different data, the output. Our fundamental goal for developing software is to have…

Virtual datacenter

What Is a Virtual Datacenter, and How Can It Drive Business Value?

An Abridged History of Physical Datacenters Data storage, processing, access, and security have become mission-critical components of every business’ operations over the last several decades. Up until recent advancements in cloud computing, businesses have built physical datacenters for all their information technology (IT) needs. For small operations, these internal (or “enterprise”) datacenters could be housed…


The Benefits of Using IIoT to Monitor and Maintain Your Equipment

  The Benefits of Using IIoT to Monitor and Maintain Your Equipment Experts predict that within the industrial manufacturing sector, spending on the internet of things (IoT) will reach almost $900 billion in 2020. That’s compared to only $472 billion in 2014. A large portion of this spending will go toward sensors and devices that…


What Is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and How Can It Drive Business Value?

An explosion of smart devices is occurring right now. You’ve probably heard of smart watches, smart thermostats, and smart refrigerators. You can even get smart shower heads. But it’s not just personal and home appliances that are getting smarter. Business, manufacturing, and industrial devices are all becoming part of the internet of things to help…

Customized Business Intelligence Reporting via Azure: Case Study With the California Strawberry Commission

Charged with supporting a $2.5 billion industry, the California Strawberry Commission has numerous constituents (growers, shippers, retailers, etc.) who are all focused on growing the California berry and fruit market while keeping it efficient. As part of this effort, the California Strawberry Commission needs to ensure that all constituents receive up-to-date market data such as pricing and volume movement.

Office 365 Migration and Self-Service Password Reset Portal: Case Study With The Energy Cooperative

In an all too common “do more with less” model, The Energy Cooperative’s IT leadership team found themselves in an ever-changing regulated marketplace with an IT staff that was constantly juggling a large IT project portfolio.

Office 365 Migration and Azure IaaS: Case Study With Hospice of the Western Reserve

Like every healthcare organization, Hospice of the Western Reserve (HWR) faced significant challenges after the Affordable Care Act went into effect. At the same time, they were also deploying a new version of their electronic medical record (EMR) patient care system that supported mobile healthcare professionals.

Office 365 and Active Directory Migration: Case Study With United Church Homes

When the Affordable Care Act created massive changes in the U.S. healthcare market, United Church Homes had to update their business model almost overnight. They also had an opportunity to expand into additional long-term care and assisted-care business models to supplement their current assisted living facility footprint.

Dynamics AX Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Case Study With Affinity Apparel

Affinity Apparel grew out of a recent divestiture of GK Direct from G&K Services in Minneapolis to Resilience Capital Partners, a private equity organization out of Cleveland, Ohio. Under G&K Services, the Minneapolis parent location had provided all IT services.

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