About Stratus Innovations Group

Our Focus is on Cloud Solutions

We exclusively focus on leading-edge cloud solutions. This singular technology focus helps us provide clients with a deep understanding of where cloud services can drive business value or when an on-premises deployment would be better.

Where Stratus Innovations Group Started

Stratus Innovations Group’s leadership includes former senior directors of Microsoft’s field sales and services teams who incubated Microsoft’s online services business. With over 20 years of experience providing custom business solutions, we understand that organizations want customized cloud services that are tailored to their unique needs.

That’s why we founded Stratus Innovations Group with a simple mission: provide cloud-based IT solutions that deliver significant return on investment and immediate business value. Organizations have benefitted most from implementing cloud services for both their basic IT infrastructure and their internal application portfolio.

True Experts in Cloud Computing

While cloud computing has become the latest "game-changer" and garnered a lot of buzz in business and technology circles, there are very few organizations and solution providers who truly understand cloud computing and the business value it can provide.

In fact, most technology providers have developed a large, profitable business selling "on-premise" technology solutions to their customers. They see cloud services as a threat to their 3-year-upgrade business cycle and revenue stream.

At Stratus Innovations Group, we solely focus on cloud services solutions. This deep technology focus gives us deep insights into where cloud services can provide business value — and when an on-premise solution would truly be better for your organization.

Additionally, our success at Microsoft was tied to deeply understanding the unique challenges and initiatives of individual businesses. We focused on customized solutions that helped customers increase revenue and decrease expenses. This is the core philosophy we have brought to Stratus Innovations Group.

We commit to only propose solutions that will have measurable and immediate business value.

Our Cloud Solution Offerings

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Our singular focus and purpose is to help your business be more profitable and efficient. Let us help you bring the power of the cloud to your organization!

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